winter (snow_k) wrote,

school postcards

Hi everyone, sorry it's been so long since I posted (homework) but I wanted to ask everyone who doesn't live in California if you could send me a postcard. My English teacher is doing this contest that the that class gets the most postcards gets a party. I thought it seemed fun and it would be pretty awesome. Anyways, she wants it to say something about where you live, so she can read them to the class to learn about different places.

My dad's P.O. box is 115, Newbury Park, CA 91319. Thank you.

(due date May 29th)
(I think)
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I'll get Arkansas added to the list and I retwitted the request on Twitter and posted it on facebook. Sounds like a good contest idea. I may use it for ESL classes
Well you have Ms. Beck to thank for the idea.
Also here via Neil's twitter. I'll try to send you one from South Korea!


April 12 2009, 12:31:02 UTC 8 years ago

Hi Winter, you're gonna have a great party! I'm sending you a card from the Netherlands.
Here via Twitter too! I'll send you one from WI. Best of luck!
talk about twitter power!
ill be sending you one from manila, philippines!
and enjoy your party! i have a feeling you will win =)


April 12 2009, 12:51:42 UTC 8 years ago

If I get a chance, you'll be getting another from Ireland =D
I can't believe there's not one from Spain yet! Well, I'll fix that - sending you one from Don Benito, Spain.
Hiya Will send from St. Louis, Missouri. :) Good luck!


April 12 2009, 12:59:52 UTC 8 years ago

One winging it's way from Findhorn, Scotland tomorrow. I expect you'll be having a party some time soon with your class. :-)

Best wishes from sunny (no, really, it is today) Scotland.
Y'know this means we'll have used up all our sunny days for the year by the end of April?
I'll send one from the Finger Lakes region of Central New York. Wine country ahoy.

And yes, I'm here from Neil's Twitter.
Here from Australia, via Gneil's twitter. I'll get a postcard in the mail to you ASAP!
I kinda feel sorry for the other kids -- They have no chance of winning unless they have Wil Wheaton or someone else with equally rabid Twitter Fans :P

I'll send one from Portland, OR -- good luck!
Yet another from your godfather's twitter, coming from Arlington, Texas!
I'm sensing your class will win.

I'll be sending one from Ecuador.
Here via Neil's tweet as well. I live in northern Virginia, about 20 minutes from DC. So I'll send you one about Washington DC and one about Virginia.
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