winter (snow_k) wrote,

school postcards

Hi everyone, sorry it's been so long since I posted (homework) but I wanted to ask everyone who doesn't live in California if you could send me a postcard. My English teacher is doing this contest that the that class gets the most postcards gets a party. I thought it seemed fun and it would be pretty awesome. Anyways, she wants it to say something about where you live, so she can read them to the class to learn about different places.

My dad's P.O. box is 115, Newbury Park, CA 91319. Thank you.

(due date May 29th)
(I think)
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Hi there, I got here via Neil's twitterage.
I can send you two, one from France where I am for Easter and one from home (Italy) and you should be getting lots from all over the place.
Happy Easter.
I'm sending you one from Toluca, the highest city on Mexico
can I still send one if from California?
Sure, It would still be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


8 years ago

I can try to get you one, Madison Wisconsin here!
Make that two from Madison!


8 years ago

Here Via Twiter. Sending one from Central Florida.
And one from North Florida!
Southern NJ sound okay?
here via twitter, i'll try and hook you up with one from alaska!
Would a Thailand postcard from Malaysia qualify? Hahaha, I'll try to send a genuine Malaysian one XD

(PS: Just in case, Malaysia is that really lame country between Thailand and Singapore with not-worth-mentioning politicians and awesome Indian Muslim food available 24/7)
That would be totally awesome!


8 years ago


8 years ago

You're lucky your godfather thinks your awesome and posted this on Twitter. You're totally gonna win this lol. I'm from CT and I live in NY so I'll try and hook you up with two if I can! =)
I'll send you one from New York City and then also one from Florida (I live in New York but I'm heading to Florida to see my mother later this week.)

Good luck to your class!
*Adorable* icon!
hey Winter, another person here from Neil's Twitter. I'll send you one from London, UK :)
I love london! By the way, your icon rocks, Willow and Tara are my favorite ship.
hi via twitter! Will send card from Liverpool UK Good luck, I hope yo xu get your party
I'll send you one from Vermont and one from Massachusetts. Also here via Neil's twitterage!
There's one on it's way from the Netherlands!



April 12 2009, 08:32:04 UTC 8 years ago

I'll do my best to send you one from Hawaii!!


8 years ago

Also here via Neil's twitter. You're totally going to win! I'll tie string around my finger to remember to buy one to send you. I'm in Sydney, Australia!
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