winter (snow_k) wrote,

school postcards

Hi everyone, sorry it's been so long since I posted (homework) but I wanted to ask everyone who doesn't live in California if you could send me a postcard. My English teacher is doing this contest that the that class gets the most postcards gets a party. I thought it seemed fun and it would be pretty awesome. Anyways, she wants it to say something about where you live, so she can read them to the class to learn about different places.

My dad's P.O. box is 115, Newbury Park, CA 91319. Thank you.

(due date May 29th)
(I think)
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Comin atcha from Washington, DC!
i'll try to send one from Greenville,SC and maybe clemson, and anderson sc too.
Yup .. found you by Mr.G's twiterrage also. I get the feeling you might win. Will sort it out asap.
Here from Neil's Twitter -- postcard on the way from Seattle WA!



April 12 2009, 20:25:51 UTC 8 years ago

You'll be getting one from New Orleans. I have a few from other places also, if you're interested. Austria, Costa Rica...
Here via Neil's twitterage :)

I'll send one from Oregon :)

Hugs-n-Happy Easter/Spring
As soon as I can get to the post office on tuesday or wednesday, you can expect a card from Finland as well.
Here via Twitter, amidst the growing throng!

Sending you one from Northern Alabama!

You better win that party!



April 12 2009, 23:06:50 UTC 8 years ago

One coming from Phoenix.
Good luck...thank your godfather for having 200,000 close, personal friends...
Isn't the digital age strange? Tell your teacher I like the project!


April 12 2009, 23:54:35 UTC 8 years ago

I wonder if Neil realises that he asked two hundred thousand people to send you a postcard? Even if only a quarter of us send you one, you're going to
a) Close the post office!

I'm sending you a postcard from Brisbane, Australia. Hope your party is awesome!
Yay! I love sending postcards! I'm too lazy to sift through comments, so if you're getting more than one from Iowa City, I guess you can just give one to a friend.
p.s. Forgot to mention – I also found this link via Neil Gaiman's Twitter account. He might not have thought this through entirely. Please let us know how many post cards you end up with. Good luck!
hi! yet another here from twitter, going to send you one from elkridge, maryland!
Oh, dear... I hope you warned the post office (or your Dad's willing to get the mail daily, at least!) Here via Neil's twitter, as so many thousands of us likely will be. ;) A postcard will be on its way from the Adirondack Mtns. of NY shortly!
We're planning on warning them! Especially because my dad's in China
Hiya! also here from Mister G's twitter... Gonna send you one from little Royal City, WA. (which I doubt has been represented yet!)

P.s. what are ya gonna do with all these postcards after the fact??
Save them. :) I might put them on my bedroom ceiling. (My sister does that with pictures)


8 years ago


April 13 2009, 04:29:42 UTC 8 years ago

Another here via Twitter...I'll try to send one while I'm here in Michigan and another when I get to Germany in May! (Maybe I'll even have time to send one from the Philly airport while I'm waiting for my connecting flight :P)
Here via Twitter - expect one from Toronto, Canada. :D
Here from Twitter, I'll be sending you two from Scotland - one of the Forth Bridge (a Rail bridge over the Forth Estuary just outside Edinburgh) and one of Stirling Castle.
Dear Winter,
I am an English teacher in Washington state, your neighbor to the north. My students are writing postcards to you today, and we all wish your class the best of luck in winning that party! I'll let them tell you about where we live.

Have a great week. My students love to do pen pal letters if your teacher is interested some time.

Ms. Edmondson, E/LA
320 Bunnell St.
Glenwood School District
Glenwood, WA 98619
My students and I finished your postcards today. Your postcards will be in the mail tomorrow and shouldn't take very long to get there. Expect them to arrive in a small, yellowish envelope addressed to you. I'm sending them as a batch to pay postage on one envelope rather than on each individual card. There are 38 postcards total. I hope this helps you tremendously. I'm guessing it will. My best to you, your English teacher, and classmates. I also included a map of where we live.

Ms. Edmondson

Re: Postcards from Mt. Adams


8 years ago

I got here via a re-posting of Mr Neil's twitterage on the infamous World'S End message board - will send a card from Germany. Maybe two - one from Berlin, where I work, and one from Potsdam, where I live. There're enough interesting things in both cities. :)
Mine shipped out yesterday from 'the other Lexington' (MA), could be there by week end. Flat Stanley on major caffeine; I hope your backpack has wheels!


April 13 2009, 16:50:49 UTC 8 years ago

another here from twitter. . . postcard coming your way from the eastern shore of virginia :)


April 13 2009, 16:58:34 UTC 8 years ago

I'll send one from Kent in the UK - that PO box is gonna burst!
Motley Hippie
Will she count them more if they come from the other side of the planet? I live in Uzbekistan. I'll find you a post card and send it. Sent here by Neil via twitter.
Friended you from your mom's note in her LJ (which I found from following Neil's blog). I will send you a card from Seattle WA :)


April 13 2009, 21:41:53 UTC 8 years ago

Looks like twitter's really helping you out, I'll try to get you one from Michigan's Lansing area, might get my sisters to send from PA, DC, and another part of Michigan if I can. Good Luck!
I'll get one sent out to you as soon as i go to town again...
Sent here from KOL


April 14 2009, 12:41:28 UTC 8 years ago

I will be sending one from Baltimore, MD and from Durham, NC. Maybe one from DC too, although it looks like that's been covered. Do you have a favorite monument or Smithsonian museum?
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