winter (snow_k) wrote,

school postcards

Hi everyone, sorry it's been so long since I posted (homework) but I wanted to ask everyone who doesn't live in California if you could send me a postcard. My English teacher is doing this contest that the that class gets the most postcards gets a party. I thought it seemed fun and it would be pretty awesome. Anyways, she wants it to say something about where you live, so she can read them to the class to learn about different places.

My dad's P.O. box is 115, Newbury Park, CA 91319. Thank you.

(due date May 29th)
(I think)
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Hi, another one here from your godfather's Twitter post. I'm from Louisiana, and if I can get my hands on a postcard, I'll certainly send you one. =)
Here through Neil's twitter-I will send one from the capital of New York.
Good luck with the contest.
Here via twitter - I'll be sending you a postcard from the University of Michigan. ^_^
Yet more people via twitter - sending you a card from Piteå, Sweden.
I'll see if I can't find you a Columbus, OH / Ohio State University postcard to send you :D

(also here via neil's twitter, obviously, heh!)
Your godfather has stacked the deck in your favor! Sending you a postcard from beautiful Central Pennsylvania!
Mr. Gaiman says send postcard - so send postcard I will - from Indianapolis.
. . . as long as the postcard is from another place? I'll send you one from my hometown of Lexington, KY. Best of luck! How fortunate you are to have a cool godfather who posts this on Twitter. Now as long as he doesn't ask for answers to your exams. . . . ;-)



April 12 2009, 16:01:48 UTC 8 years ago


(from Neil's twitter =P)

I'll send u another from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hope it arrives on time


April 12 2009, 16:17:10 UTC 8 years ago

okay, since I'm sure Neil is already sending you at least one Minnesota one, I'll be more specific, and send you one from the Twine Ball in Darwin, MN (biggest ball of twine made by a single person). I live about 15 minutes from there, and was planning on going there some time anyway. I mean, if you're going to get a postcard, it should be totally hokey, right?
I'll be sending you a postcard from Chicago! :)


April 12 2009, 16:52:45 UTC 8 years ago

One postcard from Derbyshire, England coming up!

The 115 is P.O. box 115 right, not a house number or anything?
Yet another Neil's twitter postcard comment.

You'll have one from us in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. I know, it sounds exotic. But it's just Idaho.
I'm from CA so I'm pretty much out of the postcard sending, but I was wondering, do you have a sister named Sky?
I do. Also if you want to send from California, your welcome to. My teacher just seemed a bit hesitant when someone asked if you can do that.


8 years ago

Another Colorado Twitterer checking in. I've got a postcard from exotic Lamar all addressed and ready to mail tomorrow. It is an old one (maybe from the 1930s, judging by the clothes the lady in the photo is wearing) but the building made of petrified wood is still there today on Main Street!

Lamar has 9000 people and is the biggest town for a two hour drive in any direction. This is an area the size of Pennsylvania. So we have to make our own fun, and tourist attractions.

Sending a postcard with my two kitties from exotic and artistic Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Babbled a bit about my garden.

"Mr. Gaiman sent me."
One from Japan!
Got here from your godfather's twitter.

I'm in Brantford ON Canada and will send you one this week.
Lol, I'll see if I can't find a postcard of Normal and send it your way!
You'll have at least one (perhaps more, if I can prod the roommates into action) zipping some 1700 miles on I-40 to you from Asheville, NC! Hooray for postcards!

Here, like nearly the rest of the world, from Neil's tweet.
And I'm here from your tweet, m'dear piratefanatic. :D

Post Card


April 12 2009, 18:09:49 UTC 8 years ago

Got one coming from Oklahoma City
Hello my little summery Winter, it is your fairy godmother, Kitty, Neil's assistant,
and I will send you a postcard from an imaginary place, since LA is already been covered!
Last time I saw you was at the CORALINE thing, and I have a cute photo for you & your cute family.
miss you.
please email me @, and I will email you photo.

meanwhile Postcard on the way!
A postcard from rural PA is on its way to you!
yeah, following Neil's twitt, I'll send you one from Mexico where I live), next week I'll be in Stockholm and London and will send you a couple more)
Hi from Twitter, again! I'll ship you off one from where I am, and I'll see if I can't get you one from Cape Cod, MA as well.
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